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Adidas T-Shirts x Oyster Holdings xBYo Tee
Adidas T-Shirts x Oyster Holdings xBYo Tee
Adidas T-Shirts x Oyster Holdings xBYo Tee
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x Oyster Holdings xBYo Tee

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The onset of spring is marked by a lot of different things: budding flowers, chirping birds, that sort of stuff. One of the least romanticized but most common signs of the changing seasons is the wildly inconsistent weather that swings from winter blast to walk in the park at a moment’s notice. This time of year, adaptability is key.

Utilizing premium construction, seasonal colors and neutral tones, a new, Spring collection from Adidas and Los Angeles based lifestyle label Oyster Holdings draws on Oyster’s travel focused aesthetic to create a versatile range of sportswear apparel and footwear silhouettes.

Classic essentials in the track top, hoodie, crewneck, and sweatpants are rendered in a lush French terry cloth, with metallic gold hardware and subtle tailoring adjustments adding an extra lux feel to these staples. An accompanying t-shirt tweaks the ultimate basic with a unique paneled construction.

The collection’s footwear consists of two classic silhouettes from the casuals era, the Handball Top and the 350. The Handball Top blends pastel colorways with premium suede and leather construction, putting a softer, refined spin on the classic, athletic look of the original shoe.

The 350 opts for a tonal aesthetic, in premium nubuck leather, with a chalk rubber outsole as a subtle twist on the classic gum sole of the original model.

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