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adidas Headwear BLACK / O/S x Neighborhood BALACLAVA
adidas Headwear BLACK / O/S x Neighborhood BALACLAVA
adidas Headwear BLACK / O/S x Neighborhood BALACLAVA
adidas Headwear BLACK / O/S x Neighborhood BALACLAVA

x Neighborhood BALACLAVA

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The longstanding and fruitful collaborative partnership between adidas and Neighborhood has covered a lot of aesthetic territory, as the Neighborhood’s graphic motifs have been applied to a wide range of adidas gear. The latest from the three stripes and Tokyo cult favorite expands its scope, and prepares to cover physical territory, as part of Fall/Winter 2019’s Run City pack.

Neighborhood’s contribution to the Run City pack applies signature visual elements: a black dominant palette and prominent graphics with a technical/utilitarian edge, to footwear and running apparel inspired by the thought of running through the urban landscape of Tokyo. The interaction of a highly individualized activity in running and the city’s vast geographical territory and energetic, dense crowds creates a contrast that sees the individuality of the runner wax and wane. The collection’s stealthy aesthetic and high performance are meant to guide the user through the obstacles inherent in running through such an active, human space.

Two footwear silhouettes, the Ultraboost 19 and Ultraboost All Terrain, feature graphic prints that correspond to their intended use. The standard Ultraboost 19 model features a Neighborhood word mark pattern, that from a distance, almost takes on the appearance of bricks, while the rugged All Terrain model that might be taken off road, features an aggressive, triangular sawtooth pattern. The collection’s apparel and accessories incorporate graphic and reflective elements, along with a blackout take on the futuristic looking night vision disrupting camouflage pattern.

  • 64% cotton / 32% polyester / 4% polyurethane fleece
  • Full face cover with opening for eyes
  • Tape binding on hem
  • Reflective print on sides
  • NEIGHBORHOOD graphics on front and top panel


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