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adidas Shoes x Human Made STAN SMITH
adidas Shoes x Human Made STAN SMITH
adidas Shoes x Human Made STAN SMITH
adidas Shoes x Human Made STAN SMITH
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x Human Made STAN SMITH

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An aesthetic planetary alignment allows the vintage Americana of Human Made and the modern, sneaker intensive side of Nigo’s creative output to occur in the same space. Three different three stripes court classics, the Campus and Rivalry basketball silhouettes, and the iconic Stan Smith tennis shoe, each receive the collaborative treatment, in various colorways.

Knowing full well that the enduring appeal of the Campus lies in its old school simplicity and readily available array of colors, Human Made’s Campus applies a light touch to the classic look.  A premium approach to the suede uppers, leather stripe branding design of the original shoe, subtly augmented with Human Made’s ‘Gears For Futuristic Teenagers’ slogan added to the three stripes, and signature Heart logo at the heels is a perfect blend of both collaborative partners.

The Stan Smith takes advantage of the minimalist landscape to make some small, but impactful changes. The perforated side stripes are exchanged for Human Made’s heart logo, while the famous visage of Stan Smith himself sits this game out, in favor of a adidas text, in Human Made’s typeface. This is a solid design on the black variant, and a contrasting block of color on the two white options. The motif is also applied at the heel, featuring Human Made’s Dry Alls text.

The Rivalry, a bolder, 1980s basketball design, is a playful nod to Nigo’s past successes in revamping hardwood classics with vivid, colorful palettes. The distinctive, color blocked designs are filtered through the vintage lens of Human Made, as rich leather uppers are outfitted, respectively, in brown, green and yellow, blue, red and yellow and cream, brown and pink.

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