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Converse Outerwear X DR WOO COACHES JACKET
Converse Outerwear X DR WOO COACHES JACKET
Converse Outerwear X DR WOO COACHES JACKET
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Internationally renowned tattoo artist Dr. Woo rekindles his collaborative partnership with Converse. After focusing on Dr. Woo’s preferred artistic medium, with a traditional tattoo inspired design last time out, the new project highlights the artist’s personal style, for one of the more unique, innovative takes on the Chuck’s timelessness that has ever been produced.

Dr. Woo’s penchant for wearing his favorite pieces to absolute death is visually translated across two colorways of the Chuck 70 silhouette. Don’t expect some fashionably pre-distressed, artfully placed rips and tears trying to pass themselves off as hard earned battle scars won over a lifetime; Converse and Dr. Woo have something much more ambitious in mind.

These Chuck Taylors are actually two colorways in one, but you can only get the full experience by putting your shoes through the wringer of real life wear and tear. Shoes that arrive in pristine, classic black or white, respectively, reveal “sunset gold” and “absinthe” green underneath, as the shoe wears with time and use.

One of the reasons the Chuck Taylor has remained a fashion essential for so many years is that the shoe lends itself to infinite, individual style interpretations. As no two shoes will wear exactly the same way, this pliable aesthetic becomes a visible feature.

A transparent outsole and Dr. Woo’s signature eye motif at the left toe box round out the personalized take on a classic silhouette.

An accompanying coaches jacket provides a sense of contrast. As opposed to the planned breakdown of the shoes, a Gore Tex equipped, wind and waterproof jacket featuring original art by Dr. Woo endures, rather than degrades in the face of the elements.

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