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Adidas Shoes x C.P. Company SAMBA
Adidas Shoes x C.P. Company SAMBA
Adidas Shoes x C.P. Company SAMBA
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x C.P. Company SAMBA

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On this side of the Atlantic, the role of soccer fans in creating sneaker culture from the ground up is almost criminally underestimated. The impulse to in some way credit everything that ever happened in popular culture to New York City notwithstanding, the concept of athletic shoes as the object of fashion obsession must acknowledge a massive debt to the north of England. Terrace dwellers at clubs like Liverpool, Everton, Leeds, Manchester United, and Manchester City transformed the de rigueur look from boots and denim to something more suited to touring the golf and lawn tennis clubs of the British Isles. Naturally the right sneakers were the cornerstone of any look, and far more often than not, the right sneakers had three stripes.

In the modern era, places like the Kippax, the Kop, Stretford End and the Gelderd End don’t exist any more, but the style they cultivated has endured and extended beyond the confines of stadia to influence an entire fashion culture.

Adidas have teamed up with Stone Island offshoot and longtime casual favorite the C.P. Company, for the Italian label’s first ever collaboration. The ensuing collection of footwear and apparel pays stylish homage to the best-dressed people to ever scream foul and abusive language at Gary Lineker.

Iconic casual models in the Marathon Trainer, Tobacco, and Samba are presented in tonal colorways and premium versions of the classic leather, suede, and nylon materials, echoing the razor sharp, but club loyalty anonymous sense of style. The old favorites are joined by two takes on the new Kamanda silhouette, which utilize the neutral earth tones favored in casual outerwear.

The collection’s apparel component features an adept melding of athletic wear and the innovative fashion aspects of the C.P. Company. A new take on the C.P. Company’s most readily recognizable feature, the built in goggles and wristwatch cover equipped jacket are reinterpreted in a new outerwear silhouette, while sportswear fixtures like hoodies, track jackets and t-shirts are also made over to include distinctive C.P. Company features.

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