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Snow Peak Headwear BROWN / O/S WO/NY BUCKET HAT
Snow Peak Headwear BROWN / O/S WO/NY BUCKET HAT


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A name like Snow Peak is obviously going to evoke images of mountain landscapes, and outdoors adventuring, but Snow Peak isn’t mere atmospheric table setting. Snow Peak refers to a specific, geographic location, Mount Tanigawa, one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. An extremely treacherous climb, even for experienced mountaineers, the physical challenge posed by Mount Tanigawa, along with a dissatisfaction with the quality of the equipment on on the market, inspired Snow Peak founder Yukio Yamai to create his own line of climbing gear. As Snow Peak’s home prefecture of Niigata was, and remains, home to a renowned metalworking industry, Snow Peak and their local surroundings would become intrinsically linked.

As camping became a nationally popular leisure activity, Snow Peak’s focus shifted from mountaineering equipment to camping gear. Today, Snow Peak produce a wide range of gear, encompassing everything an outdoors adventure might require. In this case, everything is not even a small exaggeration from individual eating utensils all the way up to bedding and furniture.

Snow Peak’s innovative outlook, progressive design, and superlative quality are made towards one end, allowing its users to find respite from the dehumanizing automation of modern life, and reconnect with the natural world.

Made using a mix of Nylon and soft lambswool produced in Ichinomiya-Shi, Aichi prefecture, Japan, it’s blend of materials provides a sturdy structure that will hold its shape over time. Featuring two slots on the front to store your sunglasses when not needed, and an adjustable velcro strap on the inside of the crown.

  • 89% Wool, 11% Nylon
  • Designed in Japan 
  • Japanese fabric 


size height Around the head Spit
O/S 11 60 5.8


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