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Undercover T-Shirts UCS3811 T-SHIRT
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Jun Takahashi’s Undercover label is a genuine pioneer in the world of fashion. Combining his youthful love of the Sex Pistols with an avant-garde, elegant, high fashion sensibility, Takahashi’s original designs redefined the boundaries between runway and street.

Undercover has expanded upon Takahashi’s punk-influenced beginnings and become one of the most revered and influential brands on the planet.

Ever seen an apple that could take a bite out of you? (If you have, you may be enjoying psychedelica a little too much.) 

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Made in Japan
100% Cotton
Slim fitted
Screen printed front

  • Sizing: 
  • 1 - S
  • 2 - M
  • 3 - L 
  • 4 - XL
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