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Kuboraum Bags & Accessories HAVANA / O/S U3
Kuboraum Bags & Accessories HAVANA / O/S U3
Kuboraum Bags & Accessories HAVANA / O/S U3


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We don’t really need to explain the hows and whys of darkened lenses lessening the effects of UV light. Not only is the functional aspect of sunglasses self evident in the name, but, outside of certain, highly specialized jobs, the practical use of sunglasses is negligible compared to the vast scope of their applications as an aesthetic object.

The right pair of sunglasses can serve as the centerpiece of an entire look, and transform even the most casually thrown together ensembles. Kuboraum understands this better than most. The handmade in Italy, sophisticated designs of these Berlin based creators have elevated eyewear into the realm of objet d’art. It’s why Kuboraum doesn’t even use the term glasses themselves. They refer to each of their creations as masks, owing to their ability to both obscure and highlight the personality of the wearer.

  • Handmade in Italy
  • U3 HS 
  • Mazzucchelli Acetate 
  • Color: Havana
  • Lens: Havana Grey
  • BRIDGE: 25MM


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