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Sasquatchfabrix Bags & Accessories TWEED CAP
Sasquatchfabrix Bags & Accessories TWEED CAP


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Founded by Daisuke Yokoyama - of the art collective Wonder Worker Guerilla Brand (WWGB), Sasquatchfabrix draw from high fashion, traditional Asian motifs, and modern streetwear to create impeccably crafted, fantastically individualistic pieces. The brand itself has referred to its favored aesthetic as “high performance vandalism,” which might come off as pretentious if it wasn’t such a deadly accurate description.

Sasquatchfabrix delivers a vintage wool-blend brimless cap, fitted with a roll-up cuff.  With an easy slip-on style, the Tweed cap is a simple finishing touch for effortless chic. 

  • 100% Wool
  • Made in Japan 


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