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nonnative Bottoms TROOPER 6P TROUSERS
nonnative Bottoms TROOPER 6P TROUSERS
nonnative Bottoms TROOPER 6P TROUSERS
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Nonnative founder Takayuki Fujii’s describes his products as “real clothes that aren’t ostentatious,” but that's just him being modest. 

The “real clothes” of Nonnative are the kind of casual simplicity designed to slot seamlessly into any wardrobe, for years and years. The top quality material choices, progressive design, and expert construction ensure that you’ll be able to do just that.

From the nonnative 21 SPRING COLLECTION, this cargo trouser uses Pliantex® polyester twill, a functional material that is both windproof and supple.

Pliantex® polyester twill material manufactured by Daiichi Textile Co., Ltd. that achieves high wind resistance with non-coating and non-lamination, and also has stretchability.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out.

  • Waist back and pocket bag 
  • Zipper fly front
  • Slim cargo pocket with no gusset
  • Front pocket / back pocket
  • Three-dimensional pattern with darts on the knees
  • Hem zipper
  • Tapered silhouette
  • Made in Japan


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