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By Parra T-Shirts T SHIRT NO BEACH
By Parra T-Shirts T SHIRT NO BEACH
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Dutch artist Parra’s signature style of surrealistic, pop-art style graphics in bold, bright colors, has made Rockwell by Parra one of the most unique and instantly recognizable brands in streetwear fashion.

Spring/Summer 2019 sees Parra's idiosyncratic style applied to European influenced automotive and retro leisurewear themes. Checkered flags and mechanical power evoking winged creatures, classic travel posters, DIY, cut and paste magazine style typography, and tennis lesson chic are viewed through the Parra lens. It's the quintessential post-war vision of the good life, like you've never quite seen it before. 

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  • custom cut silhouette, made in our factory in Portugal
  • soft cotton blend, eco pre washed with zero shrinkage 
  • custom silk screen technique which gives a non tangible print
  • chest print, print on waist and print on sleeve
  • Parra label at waist 


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