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Summerland Ceramics




In this society of increasingly legalized greenery, it's no surprise to see artisanal brands proudly making high-grade accessories to help complete the job. At Summerland Ceramics, their high quality "Stonerware" is created in small batches in the great state of California. 

Like they say, "Designed by the ritual of earth connection, our pieces are built from the earth itself. Sustainability, function and form are equivalent to us, and we do not settle for less." 

Don't completely understand, well take another toke, my friend. 

Offering Premium Ceramic pipes and bongs (remember when you couldn't say that word at the store or you'd be kicked out?), Summerland proudly stands by a simple principle: Made from Earth, By Hand, In California.

  • 100% Organic, Vegan & Herbal
  • Palo Santo wood, white sandalwood, acacia gum
  • Hand-Rolled in Canada from herbs, barks, resins and gums onto raw bamboo sticks. 
  • 4-inch sticks
  • burn for ~30 minutes
  • 12 sticks per pack


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