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New Era Headwear BLACK / O/S SUEDE 9TWENTY
New Era Headwear BLACK / O/S SUEDE 9TWENTY
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New Era is synonymous with sports. Their trail blazing efforts to get officially licensed, on-field caps, onto the heads of fans everywhere changed the visual landscape of American style, and as certain team hats transcended the baseball diamond, New Era caps became a global streetwear essential.

All that being said, there are some occasions when a team cap just isn’t the right stylistic call. Maybe you’re in a city where your particular favorite team is about as popular as subway delays, maybe the colors of your team allegiance happen to violently clash with the rest of your carefully put together outfit, maybe you’re not much of a sports fan in the first place.

New Era’s EK Collection offers the timeless looks and quality of New Era headwear, taken to another level. Vintage inspired designs and lux materials imbue classic styles, from baseball caps, buckets and beanies, to fedoras, military caps, newsboy caps, and duckbills, with an assertively refined aesthetic.

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