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Mountain Research



$61.00 Regular price $102.00

Mountain Research’s output may be meticulously crafted and unfailingly chic, but designer Setsumasa Kobayashi isn’t necessarily connected to the worlds of traditional fashion or hype driven streetwear. As to be expected from a brand whose biannual collections are conceived of in a literal mountain retreat, practical functionality is always the foremost priority for Kobayashi and Mountain Research.

Fleece belt loop wearing mini pouch. The combination of fleece, kakuno button (real thing) and leather straps is an interesting finish. The graphic drawn on the main body is KANADA's resident mascot with real embroidery, the deer deer. A combination of small size, color, and texture makes for a lot of cuteness.

  • Mini fleece pouch
  • Deer horn button
  • Leather string and humorous Kanadian creature
  • Stag Boy's embroidery
  • Belt loop attachment
  • 100% Polyester 


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