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  • The bucket hat can be a polarizing accessory. In Bulgaria it’s even known as “idiot ka” or “idiot hat.” And of course, sometimes it reminds us of that guitarist who wears a KFC bucket on his head… that’s just not right. Yet despite its many critics, the bucket hat has gone on to survive every generation since its inception.

    Beginning, as most things do, out of necessity and protection from the elements while working, the hat was worn by Irish farmers and fisherman to protect against rain. Its construction makes it easy to fold and highly transportable. From fishing hat to pop culture, the style was championed by goons like Gilligan and Inspector Clouseau and gonzos like Hunter S. Thompson before being deemed a respectable accessory by mods, skaters, hip hoppers and fans of specific Brit-pop bands.

    Yes, we’d say the bucket hat is back, but like we said, it never really went away. Stussy is a brand that has always stood by the style, and it makes sense because they continue to represent the kinds of people who continue to wear it well—the cool, the casual and the laidback—those with know-how to chill out in style.


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