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  • Continuing their prowess of re-popularizing pop culture past, Pleasures pays tribute the 1993 romantic crime classic, True Romance.  With a script penned by Tarantino and a star-studded cast that includes Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, a young Brad Pitt, an almost unrecognizable Gary Oldman, Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette as unlikely lovers, and Val Kilmer as Elvis, the film was one the best of its era and not only holds up, but seems to garner even more appreciation with the passage of time.

    In the movie, there's an interesting back and forth between Walken and Hopper, right before one shoots the other, where Dennis Hopper gives Walken a brief, and best-not-to-mention-here, history of Sicily. 

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    • Printed in the USA
    • 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester


    Shoulder Width Chest Circumference Sleeve Length Back Length
    S 20.9" / 53cm 42.5" / 108cm 35.8" / 91cm 27.2" / 69cm
    M 22.4" / 57cm 46.5" / 118cm 36.2" / 92cm 28" / 71cm
    L 23.6" / 60cm 47.2" / 120cm 36.6" / 93cm 28.7" / 73cm
    XL 27.2" / 69cm 53.5" / 136cm 37.8" / 96cm 29.5" / 75cm


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