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Saucony Shoes SHADOW ORIGINAL "Park Ranger"
Saucony Shoes SHADOW ORIGINAL "Park Ranger"
Saucony Shoes SHADOW ORIGINAL "Park Ranger"
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At Saucony, it is no secret that they pride themselves on creating shoes for runners and those alike. Whether its a 5k or a run to the supermarket, Saucony has got you covered. Yet, Saucony is a multi-faceted brand that not only creates running shoes, but rather, ones that have gained 120 years of respect and credibility from even the most lethargic of Sneakerheads. This season, Saucony revamps their in-line collections, dropping a series of inspired packs of some of their most classic silhouettes.

Founded in 1898, Saucony aims to celebrate their 120th Anniversary with inspiration from another organization that shares the same birthday: the Ranger Park Services. The term Ranger was first used that year when Congress allocated funds to the preservation of the existing National Forests. Later that year, Rangers were used in three California National Parks to replace the military, establishing an entirely new career path for Americans.

Fast forward to present day, and Rangers have proven vital in the maintenance of the the country's National Parks. Saucony wishes to celebrate these strides by introducing a brand new take on the Shadow Original silhouette. Dropping in a Green/Gold, taking inspiration from the California Redwoods, the animals that live within, and the forever-distinguishable, old-school Ranger uniforms, these shoes are nothing short of a masterpiece. It comes dressed in a Green, buttery soft, Wolverine silk suede upper, and Reddish-Brown leather overlays, emphasizing the Redwood aesthetic, with a White midsole/rubber outsole to add contrast. The shoe is then finished off with metal grommets, an anodized gold logo, and a fox graphic on the insole to complete the theme and look.

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