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Perks and Mini T-Shirts SECRET CIRCUIT S/S T-SHIRT
Perks and Mini T-Shirts SECRET CIRCUIT S/S T-SHIRT
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What would happen if you combined LSD guru Timothy Leary’s counterculture point of view with literary chronicler Thomas Wolfe’s sense of élan? Well, you would get something a lot like Perks and Mini.

Melbourne, Australia based Perks and Mini, or P.A.M., is the artistic product of husband and wife design team Mischa Hollenbach and Shauna T. Their progressive outlook blends an electic mix of graphic inspiration, especially psychedelic and hallucinogenic substances, with meticulous attention to the physical construction of their garments has made P.A.M. a hot property in the fashion world.

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Short sleeve tee. Features front and back print.
Designed in collaboration with Secret Circuit 
100% Cotton
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