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Bodega  Odds & Ends RED / O/S ROSE LIGHTER
Bodega  Odds & Ends RED / O/S ROSE LIGHTER
Bodega SS22 Delivery 2 ROSE LIGHTER Red
Bodega SS22 Delivery 2 ROSE LIGHTER Red


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Spring and summer put our style through a metamorphosis of sorts. We ditch the heavy for the light and the dark for the bright. Long sleeves and pants are replaced by short sleeves and shorts. It’s caused by the change in weather but also changing moods. Struck with a new sense of optimism, excitement, and spontaneity, people get this urge to go out and stay out for long hours, try new things, and see where the day takes them.

If Bodega’s SS22 Delivery #01 was about laying the ground work and setting the tone for the spring and summer with gear to help make the transition memorable, Delivery #02 is about celebrating its arrival with key pieces inspiring you to make the most of the new seasons.

In addition to pure private label, collaborating with other brands for Delivery #02 takes our tight-knit offering and expands it into a lifestyle. The array of Tsubota Lighters, all with familiar Bodega motifs, are a perfect example.

  • BIC Lighter 
  • Bodega Rose graphic 

This product is considered a Quickstrike (QS). All QS, limited edition, and brand collaboration products are final sale.


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