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Freshjive T-Shirts RAD IS CHIC L/S T
Freshjive T-Shirts RAD IS CHIC L/S T
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If you’ve been around for a while, you should already be aware of Freshjive’s historical impact on streetwear, But how to adequately describe Freshjive to a 2020 audience? Never mind the standard blend of diverse Southern California subcultures business that usually accompanies classic streetwear labels; that’s just a way to say that people who liked Sponge wore it, but people who liked Orbital wore it too, without actually knowing bands from 1994. Everyone gets it. If you want a real sense of Freshjive’s influence, just do a simple image search. It becomes obvious pretty quickly that we are living in a world that Freshjive created.

We could debate the validity and complexity of this statement, it's possible irony and double entendres, but let's not. Semantics can drive you nuts. 

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