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Sasquatchfabrix T-Shirts PICASSO SMILE PRINT TEE
Sasquatchfabrix T-Shirts PICASSO SMILE PRINT TEE
Sasquatchfabrix T-Shirts PICASSO SMILE PRINT TEE
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Founded by Daisuke Yokoyama - of the art collective Wonder Worker Guerilla Brand (WWGB), Sasquatchfabrix draw from high fashion, traditional Asian motifs, and modern streetwear to create impeccably crafted, fantastically individualistic pieces. The brand itself has referred to its favored aesthetic as “high performance vandalism,” which might come off as pretentious if it wasn’t such a deadly accurate description.

Another way to describe the wizardry that allows Sasquatchfabrix to deftly harmonize their diverse array of inspirations might be 'like magic.' Which is precisely the theme that Sasquatchfabrix have landed on for their Spring/Summer 2021 collection Chichin-Pui-Pui. Comparable to 'abracadabra' for Western audiences, the phrase is well known in Japan as magic words used when tending to the cuts, scrapes and other injuries of childhood. 

From individual silhouettes and construction techniques to patterns like the protective ward, hexagonal kagome pattern utilized throughout the collection, Chichin-Pui-Pui adds an airy, playful touch to a collection that is rich in traditional Japanese influences. 

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Graphic print


Size Length Shoulder Width Chest Sleeve Length
SMALL 71.5cm 44.5cm 92cm 20cm
MEDIUM 73cm 47.5cm 102cm 20.5cm
LARGE 76.5cm 54cm 112cm 20.5cm
X-LARGE 78cm 58cm 124cm 21cm
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