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"People Think I'M Cool - The Life And Art Of Pane" is the first monograph on Stefano Pane Monfeli. 'When I decided to make this book, I looked back and thought about the path that led me to be who I am today. I noticed that this path was full of mistakes and dead ends. I believe that errors are the basis of what we become, failures are more formative than success, and they are certainly more fun.'

"People Think I'M Cool" is the story of a life, neither more nor less extraordinary than other people's lives. Perhaps this is what makes this story extraordinary, the fact that it exists, that it is documented and people can have a peek. 'Despite the fact that someone might think of me that I am cool, I wanted to show the human aspect of my life and art, not a glossy image but a stark self-portrait.'

This book documents in a work of self-analysis, the symbiosis between the art and the life of Pane, with autobiographical stories, images of his work: drawings, paintings, and photographic memories in a story of journeys and the inner struggle of the artist, where one opposes urban society and nature. 'My decision to be an artist has affected my life, the way I lived my life has affected my art.'

"People Think I'M Cool" shows the various stages of Pane's artistic development, from his childhood, through his passion for comics, the experience of graffiti-writing and self-propaganda activities with forms of urban interventions related to the language of the street art, to arrive finally at a stage where Pane established his status as an artist and designer, presenting his works: installations, paintings and drawings in galleries and museums and practicing his profession of graphic designer.

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