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Carhartt W.I.P. T-Shirts PELAGO TEE
Carhartt W.I.P. T-Shirts PELAGO TEE
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There is more than one kind of bicycling. Taking your bike out for a scenic nature trail ride, or a grabbing the spandex for a round of competitive racing have their own set of demands, but riding a bike as actual transportation is an entirely different beast. This is especially true in the wintry/urban environs of Helsinki, Finland, Pelgao’s home city.

These challenges are met with the traditional Nordic design principles of simplicity, pragmatism, and durability. For Fall 2016, Pelago Bicycles have teamed up with a true icon in the field of functional, hard-wearing, workwear, Carhartt.

A selection Carhartt apparel and accessories combines timeless design with functional detailing, because getting from point a to point b involves more than just looking good.

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