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Dutch Tulip Financial



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  • Yeah, yeah, this sounds like a bank that’s committed a whole bunch of financial crimes, like the baddest boys on Wall Street, but it’s actually the design side of DTF Post, a newsletter about the things we shouldn’t let slide in politics, environment, tech, race relations and finance. Whoever said you can’t wear your bleeding heart on your sleeve?

    The Oval logo design pays homage to CONART, one of the forefathers of the streetwear movement which came to prominence in the 90s.

    We thought the “CON” part of the brand’s name (which could also mean convicts) was relevant to us as Dutch Tulip Financial is after all a fake identity as well and used the oval shape but with new color schemes to update the aesthetic. 

    • 100% Cotton 6oz T-shirt
    • Printed in the USA


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