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Vans Vault T-Shirts OUR LEGACY LS TEE
Vans Vault T-Shirts OUR LEGACY LS TEE
Vans Vault T-Shirts OUR LEGACY LS TEE


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Few relationships between footwear and subculture have been as natural a fit as the one between Vans and hardcore punk. While the first wave of punk was decidedly urban, fashion forward, and experimental in outlook, the offspring spawned by this musical revolution was raw, underage fury centered around unlikely artistic destinations like Orange County and Washington D.C.’s upscale communities. The aesthetic that took shape, a militant twist on the standard t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers look of the restless suburban youth, matched the breakneck speed and white-hot rage of this new form of punk.

Despite a complete lack of anything that would resemble support, even if you squinted at it for an extended time period, from the traditional music industry, hardcore punk spread across the country thanks to a dedicated underground network of bands, record labels, zines, and other participants. Eventually, the movement would even reach across international borders.

Swedish menswear label Our Legacy, who can count themselves among those who hardcore left a lasting impression upon, have teamed up with Vans Vault on a collection of footwear and apparel that pays tribute to the hardcore scene.

Combining hardcore iconography, a stark, deliberately lo-fi color palette, and their own Scandinavian design sensibility, the Vans Vault Our Legacy collection brings made in the USA quality and a modern edge to its hardcore inspiration.

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