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Nike T-Shirts ACG LS TEE
Nike T-Shirts ACG LS TEE
Nike T-Shirts ACG LS TEE


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ACG means All Conditions Gear and all conditions means all conditions. It’s the self-explanatory tagline for Nike’s All Conditions Gear range. Originally, the phrase was encouragement for fitness practitioners to shed the indoor confines of exercise, like treadmill running, stationary biking and aerobics studios, and explore the outdoors. The original impulse driving ACG was to bring the cutting edge, youthful style that took Nike from a niche running company to global pop cultural icon status, to the extremely specialized world of functional outdoors gear. Introducing modern, technical fabrics, and the bold aesthetic of the late 1980s to a field that had barely seen any updates since Grizzly Adams, was nothing short of revolutionary. 

Durable comfort. Rock-solid stitching. Classic style. A must-have staple that’s anything but ordinary.

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  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Screen-printed graphic 
  • Standard fit 
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Nike ACG L/S Tee
  • BQ3457-620
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