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Mister Green MULTI L/S TEE Black
Mister Green MULTI L/S TEE Black
Mister Green MULTI L/S TEE Black
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Combining their appreciation of nature and natural highs with the splendid reverberations of an inside joke stemming from misquoted movie scene, Mr. Green are able to express all of their esoteric LA ways in their latest apparel drop. 

“Give yourself to the mountain,” is a phrase often recited by famed restaurateur Michael McCarty to his patrons. One evening after meeting a filmmaker named John Boorman at dinner, quoted the line to him. McCarty gushed the words were from a scene in Zardoz (1974), his favorite in any movie ever– a moment where Sean Connery instructs Charlotte Rampling to “give <herself> to the mountain,” whose meaning was quite literally to have sexual intercourse with a mountain. Boorman, equally surprised and confused replied “I wrote Zardoz, and that scene isn’t in it!”

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