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Vault by Vans T-Shirts Mickey Mouse 90th T-SHIRT
Vault by Vans T-Shirts Mickey Mouse 90th T-SHIRT
Vault by Vans T-Shirts Mickey Mouse 90th T-SHIRT
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Mickey Mouse 90th T-SHIRT

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In American culture, Southern California represents the ne plus ultra of the idyllic lifestyle. The sense of boundless optimism attached to SoCal makes life seem like a permanent mix of an early Beach Boys song and a citrus fruit themed soft drink commercial, where everything is beaches, palm trees, and suntanned surfers. But that didn’t just happen by accident.

Before Disneyland opened in 1955, the place now known as the living embodiment of the American Dream was mostly a rural farming area full of orange and walnut trees. Pretty to look at, sure, but sacks of fruit in the back of an old pickup truck never had the same ring as the happiest place on Earth. Obviously, there would have been no movie studios, no fans clamoring for a place to visit, and no idea for a theme park to bring it all to life. Southern California as the Promised Land was an idea that had to be cultivated, and built from the ground up, and the heavy lifting was all done by the world’s most famous cartoon mouse.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the icon who started it all, Mickey Mouse, two titans of Southern California culture, Vans and Disney have enlisted four legendary artists, John Van Hamersveld, Mr. Cartoon, Taka Hayashi, and Geoff McFetridge, for a Vault by Vans capsule collection. Each artist presents their own, customized take on the world’s most beloved mouse across a Sk8-Hi, t-shirt, and skate deck.

Van Hamersveld interprets Mickey through the lens of his surf and concert poster illustrations, uniting aspects of Southern California culture into a singularly vibrant aesthetic. Mr. Cartoon utilizes his mastery of fine line, black and white tattooing for a decidedly vintage take that sees Mickey trading in the steamboat for a classic automobile. McFetridge’s surreal and minimalist influences present a Mickey pattern highlighting the instantly and always recognizable color scheme of black, white, red and yellow. Taka Hayashi presents a distinctly nontraditional vision, as a tonal palette of deep blues is interspersed with hits of pink, and an illustration of Mickey as a soaring hot air balloon.

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