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aperture Books HARDCOVER / O/S MASKE
aperture Books HARDCOVER / O/S MASKE
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For over two decades, Phyllis Galembo has documented cultural and religious traditions in Africa and the African Diaspora. Traveling widely throughout western and central Africa, and regularly to Haiti, her subjects are participants in masquerade events-- traditional African ceremonies and contemporary fancy dress and carnival--who use costume, body paint, and masks to create mythic characters. Sometimes entertaining and humorous, often dark and frightening, her portraits document and describe the transformative pwoer of the mask. With a title derived from the Haitian Kreyol word maske, meaning "to wear a mask," this album features a selection of over a hundred of the best of Galembo's masquerade photographs to date, organized in country-based chapters, each with her own commentary. The book is introduced by art historian and curator Chika Okeke-Agulu (himself a masquerade participant during his childhood in Nigeria), for whom Galembo's photographs raise questions about the survial and evolution of masquerade tradition in the twenty-first century.
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