Kostas Seremetis KOSTAS TEE 1 Black/Multi


Kostas Seremetis


The comic/pulp inspired artwork of Kostas Seremetis has garnered him an international following, prestigious exhibitions, and commissions from and collaborations with, among others, Warner Brothers, Spotify, Stussy, and heavy metal legends The Cult.

One of the most striking Kostas Seremetis projects was his three split screen edit of segments of the original Star Wars trilogy into a single film. His latest project interprets this concept as wearable fashion. Kostas has reached into his own memory banks and emerged with armfuls of pop culture references. Since we’re discussing old t-shirts, the armfuls in question are quite literal too.

Rock tees ranging from alternative icons to arena titans, comic book superheroes, and old cartoons are combined into individually unique cut and sew creations that are veritable Frankenstein’s monsters of retro coolness.


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