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GX1000 T-Shirts INFERNO
GX1000 T-Shirts INFERNO
GX1000 T-Shirts INFERNO
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A novel concept for operating a skate brand in 2019: actually skating. It seems strange to have to specify that, but this is, after all, the age of limitless aesthetic tourism. There’s at least a 50/50 chance that the next person you see walking down the street in say, a skate or die t-shirt and a denim jacket with a South of Heaven patch on the back wouldn’t know Slayer from Stryper, and would need a multiple choice selection to answer which side of the skateboard goes on the ground.

GX1000 aren’t just out there cruising for #OOTD likes, and they aren’t going to trade in their boards for zoot suits whenever the 90s retro calendar decides to flip over to “1998 Swing Revival.” 

Founder and skate filmmaker Ryan Garshell made the GX1000 name by documenting the hill-bombing exploits of what has been called “the most fearless crew in skateboarding.” The insane levels of physical risk, and an anti-authority, borderline anti-social attitude are a throwback to a time when skateboarding was anything but acceptable in mainstream culture, and you had to genuinely love it to even want to get involved with it in the first place.

This attitude is reflected in GX1000’s back to basics output: irreverent, subcultural graphic design, applied to tees, hoodies, hats, accessories and decks. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. It’s meant for skating.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Mid-weight


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