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Brain Dead Bags & Accessories WOOD / O/S INCENSE
Brain Dead Bags & Accessories WOOD / O/S INCENSE
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As a creative collective, Brain Dead is not based on one single person, nor one single idea. With its disruptive, graphic-led approach, the brand takes its cues from post punk, underground comics, skateboarding, and the spirit of subculture as a whole. With such an open design path, the brand is able to churn out innovative pieces, time and time again. 

For Spring/Summer '19, Brain Dead expand the scope of their disorderly, subculture driven designs. In addition to an array of graphic offerings, Brain Dead puts their own, unique spin on bottoms, button down shirts, and a range of accessories. 

  • Pack of 20 Sticks
  • 'Assisted Living' Scent
  • 20 Minute Burn Time
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