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Stone Island Headwear Black / O/S NYLON METAL HAT
Stone Island Headwear Black / O/S NYLON METAL HAT
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Stone Island is not known for its flash and gimmickry. Stone Island deals in casual wear staple pieces. So how are Stone Island pieces always so recognizable? Their reputation lies in their ability to do these garments in a way that nobody else is. This is why technology and functionality are as much a part of the Stone Island ethos as impeccable style is.

Nylon Metal Hat.  The trilobate structure of the yarn, with its grey weft and white warp colors, is the grounds of the distinctive metallic and tonic sheen of Nylon Metal, one of the most versatile fabrics born of Stone Island textile research.  The jacquard technique designs the surface with a rip-stop pattern derived from SI House Check.  The fabric is coated with blakc resin on the inside to achieve a mild wind resistance.  Garment dyed with double recipe to give different shades and colors to the textile fibers and accessories.  The addition of a special agent to the dye recipe makes the garment anti-drop.  

  • Adjustable drawstring
  • Inner mesh 
  • Stone Island Compass Rose Logo embroidered on front
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