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Nike Headwear Dark Burgundy/Black [643] / O/S GYAKUSOU TAILWIND
Nike Headwear Dark Burgundy/Black [643] / O/S GYAKUSOU TAILWIND
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For the past ten years, under the Gyakusou banner, Undercover designer Jun Takahashi has created conceptual performance collections for Nike. The Gyakusou imprint’s mission statement is cutting edge technological function that naturally blends into and becomes a part of its urban surroundings, a natural melding of dynamic motion and static environment.

For Spring 2019, the latest advancements in performance running are paired up with a stylishly earthy palette. The interaction and the blurred distinctions between user and environment are expressed with multifaceted, transformable garments designed for easy packability, and location specific performance attributes based on body-mapped engineering. 

Designer Jun Takahashi puts his own spin on the classic Tailwind silhouette with the Nike Gyakusou Tailwind Cap. Its short brim offers coverage from the elements while you run.

  • Nike Gyakusou Tailwind
  • Deep Burgundy/Black/Dark Charcoal/Pale Ivory
  • BV0653 643


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