Saucony GRID 8000 CL Lobster Roll Pink/Cream Saucony GRID 8000 CL Lobster Roll Pink/Cream Saucony GRID 8000 CL Lobster Roll Pink/Cream

GRID 8000 CL



With a lobster roll themed shoe, most observers will be quick to point out the connection between Massachusetts based Saucony and the emblematic, regional sandwich creation, but this pairing works on a deeper level than geographic coincidence.

The lobster roll isn’t an especially hard to come by item. Once summer comes around, every seafood serving establishment from Maine to Connecticut has some kind of lobster roll on the menu. (Head to Canada’s Atlantic, Maritime Provinces, and you can even find them at McDonalds.) That’s fine; the lobster roll’s appeal doesn’t stem from being a hard to come by, special event delicacy. The lobster roll just happens to be a particularly excellent way to package a massively popular food.

The Grid 8000 works on the same principle. This classic runner didn’t become a longtime favorite on the back of gimmicks and hype. The Grid 8000 started off as a serious, performance running shoe from a dedicated running brand, and remained a fixture thanks to a timeless sense of style.

The Grid 8000 Lobster Roll perfectly encapsulates the New England cuisine icon. Suede is the perfect material to mimic the soft, rich texture of a lobster roll sandwich. A pale pink upper featuring beige and white accents expertly captures the essence of the chopped lobster meat and hot dog bun, while subtle touches of green provide the same finishing touch that a leafy garnish adds to a dish.

We do have to point out that unlike the edible variety of lobster roll, the Saucony one will be somewhat harder to come by, so you’re better off ordering while everything is market fresh.

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