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Nanamica takes the performance technology that defines the best technical gear, and applies it to apparel and accessories more in tune with the demands of urban life. After all, is rain any less wet or humidity any less oppressive if you’re on your way to work than if you’re hiking up a mountain somewhere?

Nanamica's Spring/Summer 2019 collection NANATORA Alternative Dressing sees the label broaden their aesthetic scope by incorporating elements of intentional mismatching and mix and match outfit assembly into their signature hybrid of technical performance and timeless, smart-casual style. Inspired by classic nautical wear and summers spent oceanside, the traditional marine tricolor palette, along with colors and textures meant to physically evoke the beach and sea, Nanamica's latest collection exudes a relaxed, summer feeling. 

The bucket hat, historically, has both nautical and casual connotations. Nanamica split the difference with a reversible design that goes from "keeping the sun out of your face during a beach nap" on one side, and "keeping the sun out of your face during a midsummer, outdoors, multi-genre 90s music festival." So, like, the Beastie Boys are probably rapping over Sonic Youth guitar feedback while you're wearing this hat. 

  • Fully Reversible Polyester Gingham/Tricolor Nylon 
  • Nanamica Label
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