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Futur Bottoms FUTUR SHORT
Futur Bottoms FUTUR SHORT
Futur Bottoms FUTUR SHORT
Futur Bottoms FUTUR SHORT
Futur Bottoms FUTUR SHORT
Futur Bottoms FUTUR SHORT
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When a subculture becomes a fully accepted part of the mainstream, it can present a difficult set of circumstances to adjust to. Things that were once tribal signifiers become fashion accessories, devoid of any meaning or context. Shared values and unwritten codes of conduct are swept away, leaving long time participants to wonder just what exactly is going on. This state of affairs has affected skateboarding more than most, to the point where actual skateboarding is an almost incidental part of the skate aesthetic.

Since its founding in 2014, Futur has aimed to bring an element of the subcultural back to skateboarding, not in the sense of rote repetition of the past, but by taking the contemporary landscape into account, and making responsive decisions meant to set them apart.

When the brand originally launched, it deliberately created almost zero online presence for itself, making Futur something that had to be discovered and specifically sought out, a distinctly old-school way of going about things. On the same note, Futur’s stylistic identity reacted to the modern status quo to put a twist on old-school ideals.

With the punk/DIY aesthetic having been systematically strip-mined over the past couple of decades, Futur abandoned these stylistic clichés, opting to apply a high-end, premium quality ethos, and the laid-back sophistication of European graphic design to skate apparel.

Futur stays ahead of the curve with a limited edition, collaborative capsule with Mizuno, the Japan based manufacturers of athletic footwear, clothing and equipment who are a long established, renowned name in athletics. The chic modernism of Futur and the technical, functional expertise of Mizuno are expressed on a sleek, black and white based range of performance running gear bearing co-branding that joins Futur's wordmark with the distinctive RunBird Mizuno logo. 

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Model Measurements are 6’1”, 150 lbs. Model is wearing a Large.

  • Mizuno x Futur Short 


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