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As one of the handful of countries on Earth with territory above the Arctic Circle, Finland is usually synonymous with snow, cold, and frozen landscapes. It’s not an inaccurate image, but it isn’t the whole picture either.

Once the spring thaw begins to set in, the white blanket of winter recedes, and reveals some of the most picturesque natural scenery in the world, the perfect place for Finnish athletes to indulge their legendary passion for physical activity in the great outdoors.

The Maaliskuu Pack from Karhu, takes its name from the Finnish word for March, when the earliest signs of greenery and sunlight regain a foothold in the landscape. This change in seasons is represented in Karhu’s classic Fusion 2.0. The running mainstay, seen on roads and trails from Helsinki to Inari, is outfitted with a white upper, and seasonally colored pigskin suede accents.

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