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Engineered Garments Outerwear FIELD SHIRT JACKET
Engineered Garments Outerwear FIELD SHIRT JACKET
Engineered Garments Outerwear FIELD SHIRT JACKET
Engineered Garments Outerwear FIELD SHIRT JACKET
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For the uninitiated, the New Romantic movement emerged from the year zero cultural landscape created by punk. A reaction to the anti-fashion, spiky look and sound of punk, which, by 1979, had developed into its own form of regimentation, New Romantics embraced a theatrical sense of the elegant. The ultra-suave, late night jet-setting of Bryan Ferry, the cosmic high fashion of Marc Bolan and glam-era Bowie, along with the elaborate, decorative fashions of actual, 19th century Romanticism were the visual lynchpins of the New Romantic movement. The eminently catchy sounds of the future, of synthpop, by the likes of Duran Duran, Visage and Spandau Ballet, provided the musical accompaniment.

After spending a couple of seasons exploring a back to basics approach, Engineered Garments are prepared to fully fade to grey, but not necessarily in the way you might think. The Engineered Garments Autumn/Winter 2019 collection heads to post-punk, late 70s London, at the dawn of the New Romantics, for an alluring dose of after dark dramatics. In practice, the Autumn/Winter collection sees the Engineered Garment aesthetic pillars of military, workwear, and utilitarianism are livened with ornamental features like animal and intricate floral patterns, and in some cases, dramatic proportions. Pieces offering a more classic, familiar Engineered Garments look are also sprinkled throughout the collection.

A leopard patterned jacquard, polyester wool blend, with nylon satin lining brings jet set glamour to the field overshirt, because quite often, staying behind in the lodge with cocktails is actually more enjoyable than traipsing through wilderness terrain. 

If a size is not listed, it is sold out. 

Model is 6’1” and 150 pounds and wears a Medium.

  • Made in USA
  • 48% polyester, 31% nylon, 21% wool
  • Nylon satin lining
  • Snap button placket
  • Multi-purpose chest patch pockets
  • Snap flap sleeve patch pocket
  • Throat tab
  • Drop Shoulders 
  • Rounded Hem 


SIZES: (Approx.) (inches) S M L XL
1/2 Chest 22.8 23.6 24.8 26
Length 28 29.1 30.3 31.1
Sleeves 23.6 24.6 25.6 26.4
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