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Human Made Headwear GRAY / O/S FELT CAP
Human Made Headwear GRAY / O/S FELT CAP
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Nigo needs no introduction, but the latest project involving the Bathing Ape founder and all-around streetwear maven is not exactly what most people might expect from this fashion legend. The new brand, Human Made, is a joint venture between Nigo and enigmatic graphic artist Sk8thing and combines exacting construction standards, impeccable historical accuracy, courtesy of vintage reproduction experts Warehouse, and lighthearted graphic contributions from Sk8thing. By doing so, Human Made is credited as an earnest homage and unique twist on wardrobe staples.

Time honored cliches like "as American as apple pie and baseball" don't exist for us to have to over explain the presence of a baseball cap in the Spring collection of purveyors of meticulously reproduced Americana like Human Made.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out. 

  • 100% polyester felt
  • Adjustable felt strap
  • Branded metal clasp
  • Embroidered ventilation eyelets
  • Embroidered heart logo


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