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Engineered Garments Headwear BLACK KNIT / O/S FACE BEANIE
Engineered Garments Headwear BLACK KNIT / O/S FACE BEANIE
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After focusing on the bright colors and musical influences of the Caribbean for spring and summer, Engineered garments and designer Daiki Suzuki looked closer to home for the seasons ahead, as the label’s roots in reworked utilitarian staples are at the core of the fall and winter collection.

Classic red and black buffalo plaid takes center stage, but with a distinct Engineered Garments twist. The proportions of the familiar pattern have been thoroughly reoriented, and applied to nontraditional surfaces, allowing for daring new interpretations of a timeless cool weather look.

The same spirit is applied to an array of essential fall/winter textiles and silhouettes like corduroy, (faux) fur, wool, vests blazers, trousers and coats. An experimental, even abstract, sensibility makes these icons of staid, genteel refinement into cutting edge statements.

A full face coverage knit that combines the timelessness of winter style with some guerrilla chic.  The pom pom says skiing in Vermont, while the face covering says Raid on Entebbe. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Removable pom pom
  • Made in New York
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