Converse ESSENTIALS TEE Light Heather Converse ESSENTIALS TEE Light Heather




If there’s anyone who knows the meaning of the word essential, it’s Converse. It’s something that comes with the territory of having produced the single, best-selling sneaker of all time.

So what makes a basketball shoe that dates back a hundred years a legitimate global icon and a permanent fashion fixture? There are a lot of explanations that can be offered, but there is one very easy answer. The Chuck Taylor ‘s simplicity allows it to be all things to all people. It doesn’t matter what they’re paired with: ripped jeans and a t-shirt, khakis and an oxford button down, techy sweatpants, even a modish black suit, it all works.

Converse Essentials brings this aesthetic to a range of sportswear staples. The Converse Essentials collection is a new look at these perennial favorites. The timeless look of sweatpants, crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts is augmented by elevated construction details. Nickel hardware, matte rubberized eyelets, flat seam stitching and an athletic cut lends a modern edge to the classic vibe. Durable stitching and pre-washed fabric that fades naturally and softens over time means that Converse Essentials will actually look better with age.

The Converse Essentials collection lives up to its famous footwear inspiration by making “I could wear these everyday” into a reality, and not just an expression.

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