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Arc'teryx Headwear ENIGMA / OS ELAHO CAP
Arc'teryx Headwear ENIGMA / OS ELAHO CAP
Arc'teryx Headwear ENIGMA / OS ELAHO CAP
Arc'teryx Headwear ENIGMA / OS ELAHO CAP
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Arc’teryx boast the kind of reputation that can only be won with painstaking, specialized functionality. That’s because, in a field like climbing, there’s no room for equivocation. Phrases like “this harness looks okay,” or “this jacket is probably warm enough,” are not uttered. The associated demands and risks placed on participants, and their gear leave no margin for error. For more than 30 years, Arc’teryx has dedicated themselves to meeting these demands with the best product possible.

The Arc’teryx commitment to performance lives side by side with a desire to disrupt. The name Arc’teryx comes from the Archaeopteryx of the late Jurassic period, a transitional creature between dinosaurs and modern birds. This evolutionary inspiration has been embodied by the embrace of innovative technologies and techniques, resulting in a cutting-edge sense of style that has been embraced on the peaks of the fashion world.

The Elaho Cap is designed for packability. The polyester plain weave fabric has a UPF 50+ rating for sun protection, stretches for a secure fit, and is extremely lightweight and air permeable. The laminated brim holds its shape, but is fully compressible to allow the cap to fit easily in a pocket or backpack.

  • Lightweight, polyester hiking cap
  • Soft, pliable brim that easily compresses to fit in a pack or pocket.
  • One size fits most


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