What began as a two-man design operation to create bootleg t-shirts for bands that lacked merch has, in time, grown into an LA creative collective, occasional small-run record label and graphic heavy streetwear brand. Born from the minds and talents of ex-Stussy Art Director, Adam Weissman and artist Noah Butkis, Real Bad Man maintains a focus on music, but have gone on to employ retro graphics, aged pop culture references and shady cartoonish characters for their own humorous and subversive brand of apocalyptic counter culture.

Holy Shit!  This is a reversible shirt!  When worn "normal" you have the sleazy RBM cat guy on side front chest and the cool Robot Dog knocking out the wack-ass duck on the back.  When worn reversed, the hidden pocket is revealed with a  a respectable RBM UFO logo printed on the pocket.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out.

  • 100% cotton, custom reversible long sleeve t-shirt
  • Side seam
  • Small front hit (on both sides)
  • Large sized back print
  • Made and printed in Los Angeles