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Converse CT II HI Charcoal/Black/White
Sold Out





Here is a random sampling of things that the Converse Chuck Taylor predates: the jet engine, both the Great Depression and the New Deal, prohibition, the Black Sox World Series scandal, Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Kid,’ Superman, Mickey Mouse, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and organized professional basketball itself.

The Chuck Taylor All-Star goes beyond over sales numbers (over a billion, but who’s counting), beyond legend and beyond icon. This shoe is a legitimate institution of American culture. The last changes made to the shoe’s design were those suggested by Chuck Taylor himself. Suffice to say that any changes made to this shoe would constitute a momentous occasion.

Now, we are clear on just how big a deal the CT II really is.

Don’t start working yourself up at the notion that a historic design has fallen under modernity’s heel. The essential design of the Chuck Taylor is the same. The changes come in the form of technological upgrades that improve the experience of wearing the shoe, and when a shoe is worn as ubiquitously as the Chuck Taylor is, that is a revolutionary step forward.

Minor tweaks come in the form of an ultra-soft, microsuede interior lining, and a padded tongue which prevents slippage. The major change comes in the form of cushioning. It’s not exactly a secret that the cushioning, or lack thereof, on the classic Chuck Taylor is considered a bug rather than a feature. The addition of Lunarlon technology to the sole addresses this need, while being physically light enough to not alter the fundamental structure of the shoe. So, let’s take the Chuck Taylor around the globe for another century. It will support you as much as you support it.

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