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OCD Cleaners



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  • After last year’s successful pop-up launch at Bodega LA, OCD Cleaners has quickly become a house favorite in the LA scene. A labor of love and innovative concept by founder and designer Isaiah Bond, OCD Cleaners specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces constructed from upcycled vintage, reimagined and redesigned with an updated modern flair.

    OCD Cleaner was built off of selling vintage clothes. Growing up with financially conservative parents, Bond spent a lot of his time in thrift stores. But that same experience he hated as a kid, would eventually become the primary motivation for starting his very own clothing line. Drawing inspiration from his roots, travels and interpersonal relationships, OCD Cleaners designs vary from piece to piece, but at the core, each item is connected by an eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious approach and an ethos of sustainability.

    As the brand continues to evolve, OCD Cleaners has expanded its output from "one-of-one" originals to the incorporation of graphic tees, crewnecks and hoodies.

    "The goal is to continue to tell the OCD Cleaners story through the medium that sparked the love for being a vintage connoisseur," Bond notes. "Working in streetwear most of my adult life, I’ve always admired brands that put out graphics that tell a story and have multiple layers of meaning, leaving the customer with a to decipher like an encrypted message."

    With OCD Cleaners already a permanent fixture at Bodega LA, occupying prime real estate next to legendary labels like Cav Empt, Needles, Kapital and EG, OCD Cleaners is taking things one step further and launching their new t-shirt collection exclusively at Bodega online. With requests being received from around the globe, this move will finally allow OCD Cleaners to make its way beyond Los Angeles lines, and into the hands of the rest of the world. Enjoy.

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