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bagjack GOLF



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  • Beginning production in Berlin back in 1997, bagjack was founded on a commitment to quality and a quest for innovation. After creating the country's first messenger bags, bagjack would, in time, diversify its output and become one of the leading carry-all companies in the industry. Whether it be simple, complex or even custom, bagjack has a bag for every situation, profession, hobby and personality.

    In 2019, the company expanded to Japan and bagjack GOLF was born. With a dedication to the same high-quality craftsmanship that the brand was built upon, bagjack GOLF offers customers technologically advanced accessories and apparel that won’t just get you through a tough 18 holes, but also through the grind of daily life. 

    Description: Austri Alpin® aluminum Cobra high quality belt with click safety buckle. Using Italian webbing tape, the quick release system allows you to quickly loosen and tighten by pulling the D-ring that overlaps the cobra buckle. In addition, the total length of the belt can be adjusted by Kokikan. The Cobra safety buckle has a load capacity of 800 lbs and the locking mechanism prevents it from opening on one side and cannot be opened under load. With the GURT CLIP at the tip of the belt, the tip can be fixed to the belt body.

    • Strap: 100% Nylon 
    • Buckle: 1 inch Austrialpin Cobra® aluminum
    • width:  1 inch
    • length: 64 --104 cm / 25.20-40.95 Inch


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