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Futur Core Bud Tie Dye Dark
Futur Core Bud Tie Dye Dark
Futur Core Bud Tie Dye Dark
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Since its founding in 2014, Futur has aimed to bring an element of the subcultural back to skateboarding, not in the sense of rote repetition of the past, but by taking the contemporary landscape into account, and making responsive decisions meant to set them apart.

With the punk/DIY aesthetic having been systematically strip-mined over the past couple of decades, Futur abandoned these stylistic clichés, opting to apply a high-end, premium quality ethos, and the laid-back sophistication of European graphic design to skate apparel.

Tie dye isn't necessarily as laid back and care free as its reputation. There is a level of skill involved. In the hands of someone who doesn't know what they're doing, tie dye is just ruined laundry. 

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100% cotton wale needle cord 190g
Unique Tie dye
3 pockets
Made in Portugal
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