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Ader Error Socks WHITE / O/S CLEAN SOCKS 10
Ader Error Socks WHITE / O/S CLEAN SOCKS 10
Ader Error Socks WHITE / O/S CLEAN SOCKS 10
Ader Error Socks WHITE / O/S CLEAN SOCKS 10
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Founded back in 2014, Ader Error was conceived by a creative collective made up of members from a variety of backgrounds and diverse skillsets.  Operating behind a well-crafted, stylish cloak of anonymity, the South Korean streetwear label’s mission to spread art and culture through fashion is carried out by constructing unisex garments and accessories that are not only influenced by streetwear of the past, but more so by those precious, unique and oft-overlooked moments in everyday life. 

As they spell it out for us, the “A” is for aesthetic, the “D” is for drawing, and the “er” makes it a verb. The “Error” addendum refers to their intrigue in imperfection, and what could be taken as part of their mission statement, to make “a positive out of something negative.”

Juxtaposing vibrant colors and retro-leaning graphics with a modern flair and touch of technological innovation, each piece is accentuated by its unique fit and sizing that are at once ahead of their time, and rooted in the past.

The Clean Socks are, as you can quite obviously see, not so clean. Fresh, yes, but not so clean. Muddy water graphics are splashed throughout and the brand's customary uncut threads are present, and winding blue stitching provides even more pop to what are among the most eccentric pair of socks money can buy. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Embroidery detail
  • Muddy water splashed graphic print detail
  • Interlock stitch detail
  • Height 35cm
  • Sole 21.5cm


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