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The Nerdys




Whatever name you want to call it by, collegiate, preppy, ivy, and so on, this particular strain of classic, American casual style has been an integral part of modern, Japanese fashion for decades.

It’s true, in the most general sense, that Tokyo based label The Nerdys are riffing on this established style, but that level of generality doesn’t do justice to the thought behind every, individual piece bearing the Nerdys name. The down to the last detail level of meticulous construction is approached in the spirit of high profile nerd icons like the Talking Heads or Wes Anderson. The Nerdys operates with the same sense of understanding that the deliberate choice to not engage with the ever shifting winds of officially designated cool constitutes its own form of social and sartorial, individualist rebellion. This hyper-self awareness about the implications of nerdom is reflected in the tongue-in-cheek twists and turns that The Nerdys apply to timeless styles.

How to be nerdy with Circle Sunglasses: Walk down the street carrying a canvas tote bag from the Strand bookstore in New York. Become engrossed in trying to grab a specific item from the bottom of the bag. Fail to spot the bookishly charming associate professor that is walking down the same street. Bump into them, upending the contents of your bag, despite the fact that you have been shielded from glare by sunglasses the entire time. 

  • Celluloid Frame
  • Engraved Branding on Case
  • Made with Glasses Manufacturers Ayame 


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